The Wines of Tuscany



The Great Wines of Tuscany

by Ernesto Gentili (Author)
published June 2017 : £39.95

Tuscany is a region famed for its art and architecture, its mouth-watering cuisine, and stunning countryside. But it is arguably Tuscany s fine red wines that have made it truly world-renowned.
Drawing on his years of experience as journalist and wine critic, Ernesto Gentili has chosen the most prestigious bottles ones that truly represent the excellence of the Tuscan reds over the years to help explores the rich history of the region s wine-making, it s most notable wineries and vintages. Also included are expert tasting reports for the featured wines.
Great Wines of Tuscany is a truly wonderful volume that is sure to keep wine-enthusiasts everywhere enthralled.




Chianti Classico
The search for Tuscany’s noblest wine

By Bill Nesto & Frances di Savino
Published October 2016 £32.95

This book tells the story of the ancient land named Chianti and the modern wine appellation known as Chianti Classico. In 1716, Tuscany’s penultimate Medici ruler, Cosimo III, anointed the region of Chianti, along with three smaller areas in the Florentine State, as the world’s first legal appellations of origin for wine. In the succeeding centuries, this milestone was all but forgotten. By the late nineteenth century, the name Chianti, rather than signifying this historic region and its celebrated wine, identified a simple Italian red table wine in a straw-covered flask. In the twenty-first century, Chianti Classico emerged as one of Italy’s most dynamic and fashionable wine zones. Chianti Classico relates the fascinating evolution of Chianti as a wine region and reveals its geographic and cultural complexity. Bill Nesto, MW, and Frances Di Savino explore the townships of Chianti Classico and introduce readers to the modern-day winegrowers who are helping to transform the region. The secrets of Sangiovese, the principal vine variety of Chianti, are also revealed as the book unlocks the myths and mysteries of one of Italy’s most storied wine regions. The publication of Chianti Classico coincides with the three hundredth anniversary of the Medici decree delimiting the region of Chianti on September 24, 1716.