Caffe dell’Oro





Coffee is like a portrait of Italy that depicts the desire of its people to get together and spend time chatting, reading, and enjoying traditional dishes.

The Caffè dell’Oro, the new Lungarno Collection restaurant bistrot in Florence by the Portrait Firenze hotel, offers all this and more. This all-day-dining Italian bistrot in Florence has the most beautiful view over the Ponte Vecchio. It is a “salon with kitchen”, warm and inviting.

But most of all it is a place to appreciate flavours. At the Caffè dell’Oro, Italy’s gastronomic tradition shines in the wholesomeness of the ingredients and in the virtuous simplicity of the recipes. And gold shines too, not just as a thin leaf of light decorating each plate, but because time spend relaxing with friends is the most precious gift.


Starred Executive Chef Peter Brunel designs the bistro-style menus served up at Caffè dell’Oro. Discover his creative menus and delight in light and vibrant reinterpretations of traditional dishes from Italy’s regions.





Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, 2P – Florence

Open Daily From 7.00 AM to 10.00 PM

phone: +39 055 2726 8912