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There are several airports in Tuscany, and just beyond the borders, detailed below, with flight arrivals from all over the world. Alternatively Bologna is only about one a half hours drive from Florence: both Milan and Rome are about three hours drive, We can arrange transfers from all the airports and train stations in the region. We can arrange car hire wherever you arrive.


Tuscany is within a days drive of most places in central Europe.


We will de delighted to advise you the best route for your destination, and have a look at our Concierge page for further information.

There are airports at Pisa and Florence. And, just outside Tuscany, there are airports in Bologna and in Perugia.

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Florence airport


Flights from London, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, Madrid and Barcelona.

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Pisa airport


Flights from London, Doha, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Moscow, Frankfurt, & Valencia.



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Rome airport


International flights from all over the world

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Motorail Service from Germany to Italy


There is now a motorail service from Dusseldorf to Verona, just 290 kms from Florence.


Motorail Italy
Overnight train to Italy with modern sleeper compartments
Weekly service
3 hour drive to Düsseldorf from ferry terminals in the Netherlands

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Come to Tuscany by car. Here are the driving distances to Florence from some major European cities:


  • Paris : 1155 kms
  • Calais : 1430 kms
  • Brussels : 1217 kms
  • Dusseldorf : 1170 kms
  • Berlin : 1235 kms
  • Munich : 651 kms
  • Prague : 1033 kms
  • Zurich : 590 kms
  • Lyon : 729 kms
  • Kiev : 2170 kms
  • Moscow : 2812 kms
  • Budapest : 952 kms
  • Nice : 430 kms
  • Barcelona : 1091 kms
  • Rome : 269 kms
  • Milan : 313 kms
  • Genoa : 240 kms
  • Zagreb : 629 kms
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