Ponte Vecchio Apartment



  • Two bedrooms, two bathrooms
  • Maximum occupancy : four guests



  • Right in the centre of Florence, with views over the Arno and Ponte Vecchio



  • Air-conditioning
  • TV
  • Terrace



  • Full maid &  room service

Ponte Vecchio Apatment


This 6th floor apartment extends over 120sqm and with a maximum occupancy of four and a full-facade riverfront terrace, treating you to your own personal vantage point over the Arno and have the luxury of sharing it with family and guests.

Breakfast with beautiful china watching the sun twinkling on the rippling waters, or catch the notes of an outdoor opera sipping sundowners at sunset in the shade of the iconic Ponte Vecchio. High above the madding crowds but so close you could almost touch the magic of this enchanting city, there could be no more authentic a Florentine experience.

The apartment has two bedrooms at either end, two large bathrooms, two closets and a spacious lounge and dining area in the middle with a more intimate lounge opening off from the main living room. There is a small kitchenette.




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Ponte Vecchio Apartment

Touch the magic of this enchanting city, with a wonderful view overlooking the Arno, and the Ponte Vecchio.